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Will Golder

Will Golder


RaceNation was built in 2014 to solve the problem of a disjointed journey between online registration and charity fundraising while providing a solution only previously afforded by the big city events.

We made it our mission to deliver a world class offering to the industry regardless of event size, ticket prices or fundraising goals. We continue on that mission today, after recently investing in the design and build of our free Event Day App to fit our ethos of providing access, technology and simplicity to everyone.

With unrivalled experience in the industry, we do more than just provide a solution, we aim to become a partner and one of your team, taking away the stress of all things online entry and fundraising related.

Our core team, board, advisors and shareholders are respected & accomplished figures in sport, finance and technology – this unique combination means RaceNation has the best business knowledge, technical know-how, fundraising expertise & sports experience.

Our Team

Nuala Greenwood

Head of VIP Support

Nuala has computing in her DNA – from studying COBOL programming, to introducing Banking Treasury staff to input their own deals, to teaching students how to write their names in binary. Now, she can be found drinking a cup of Barry’s tea keeping RaceNation/SportsGiving’s customer service 5 Star!

Fun Facts

  • Holds the record for misspellings of her name. (Hint: it’s not a chocolate spread!)
  • Loves spending time with her family in her zen place – relaxing in Ireland, and maybe even having a drive on the tractor!
  • Nuala was an All-Ireland Irish set dancer in her day but can now be found enjoying long walks in the lanes, and on the cliff paths and beautiful beaches in Jersey!

Rebecca Harris

Customer Success Associate

Bex is so passionate about participating in sporting events that she left her career in Finance to join RaceNation – somewhere she can talk about running and events all day! Bex has lived in Jersey since 2015, and likes to spend her days running, going on long dog walks, or dining with friends and family.

Fun Facts

  • Bex used to be a competitive swimmer and is a fully qualified swimming instructor.
  • She has a degree in history and wrote her dissertation on the Occupation of Jersey.
  • Whilst at university, she worked in the smallest pub in York, The Blue Bell.

Elinor Dargie

Customer Success Associate

Ellie is a high performance rower and recently moved from Jersey to the UK to compete for a new team. When she’s not rowing, she’s either on the Ergo, coaching or coxing.

Fun Facts

  • Ellie’s pizza topping of choice is Hawaiian (sparking major debate in the office).
  • She loves Rugby and plays Fly Half for her local team.
  • Ellie is secretly also really good at the Saxophone.
Alex Pitt

Alex Pitt

Head of Technology

Coding Wizard by Day and Glasto Rockstar by night. Alex managed ITV’s Jersey Team for 6 years before setting up his own Digital Development Company. He started working with RaceNation in 2015 and a year later became a full-time member of the team. Alex plays bass guitar for his rock band.

Fun Facts

  • Alex received a national award for creating the first mobile news app for ITV Channel Islands.
  • In 2011 he played on one of Glastonbury’s main stages and hung out with Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons.
  • Alex is a Formula 1 Fan and mad on Sci-Fi – especially Star Wars.

Paul Eggleton

Senior Developer

Paul works hard to keep the lights on at RaceNation, metaphorically speaking. At home, he’s more often responsible for tripping circuit breakers with his tech tinkering.

Fun Facts

  • Paul has played Mario Party for charity – for 36 hours straight. Nobody involved likes to talk about it.
  • He once played the Sheriff of Nottingham in the school play – and still gets called “The Sheriff” in his local music shop for it.
  • He keeps a toy camel on his desk to remind him to use camel case when coding.
Carl Curtis

Carl Curtis

Senior Developer

Qualified Personal Trainer, cyclist (all disciplines), weight lifter, gymnast, calisthenics, pole dancer, rock climber, surfer/SUP/Kayak, former MMA practitioner, completed over 100 OCRs, as well as building things at RaceNation – he’s got range. Carl loves hiking and dogs, and is a life-long pro wrestling fan.

Fun Facts

  • Believes the world is a spherical like shape.
  • Fixes everything with a combination of duct tape, WD40 and nail polish remover.
  • Fights a losing battle with sarcasm everyday.

Sager Hemi


Living in Croatia, Hemi is an avid Windsurfer. He loves to study and has a Masters Degree in Information Systems.

Fun Facts

  • Hemi takes part in windsurfing contests all over the world.
  • He makes a mean Lemon Drizzle Cake.
  • Hemi has a pet Bearded Dragon called Charmander.
Hollie Light

Hollie Light

Head of Marketing

Hollie started working for Human Race, Castle Race Series and then became Event Director for AAT Events. She founded her own Digital Marketing Company specialising in helping event organisers attract more participants to their startlines. Hollie is a competitive Wakeboarder, loves Fall Out Boy and can handle extreme spice.

Fun Facts

  • Hollie holds the title as Hannam’s Women’s Kneeboard Slalom Champion 2022.
  • Hollie is a qualified boat driver; she once delivered a fishing boat from Fort Lauderdale to Grenada.
  • Unless you like losing, never challenge her to Mario Kart.
Tom Kerry Tom Kerry

Tom Kerry

Head of Partnerships

Tom is a veteran of the mass participation sports event industry, having worked in the space since the late 90s. Outside of RaceNation, Tom continues to work for LimeLight Sports Group, consults for Mass Participation World, is a Director for Ealing Half Marathon Legacy Community Interest Company and is the Running Mayor for Ealing.

Fun Facts

  • Tom is a regular parkrunner and volunteer and will complete his 500th parkrun in 2023.
  • Tom is an ever present Ealing Half Marathon runner and has completed all 10 editions of the event.
  • Give Tom a Guinness and a day at the cricket and you’ll make him truly happy.
Matt Williams Matt Williams

Matt Williams

Head of PR

A self-confessed sports nerd, Matt has made it his passion to work in sport and wellness for the last 10 years across a range of major global brands. Having set up his own sports PR agency, Keep Comms, in 2019, Matt has been working with RaceNation ever since to build the brand’s reputation in the industry while working across a number of running brands and events.

Fun Facts

  • Golf was Matt’s first true love (that didn’t quite love him back).
  • A realistic Gooner (feel free to mock him depending on the weekends result).
  • The fastest he’s ever moved was in Pamplona during the annual Running of The Bulls.

Corinne Seran

Head of Operations

Originally from Switzerland, Corinne has been working within the Private Wealth Management Industry for over 25 years before joining RaceNation in 2019. She thoroughly enjoys the diversity and challenges of her role and the Sports Tech world in general and does not lose hope to one day become a Sports addict herself!

Fun Facts

  • Corinne is a keen skier, Van-Life lover and passionate world traveller.
  • She is a certified therapeutic Massage Therapist, and used to be a freelance Travel Agent.

Keri Wanless

Finance Administrator

Keri is a Jersey-born bookkeeper, who left the island some time ago to be closer to her family. She has worked in finance for over 30 years in various different industries.

Fun Facts

  • When not bookkeeping, Keri loves to take photos and create art, mostly of dogs.
  • Keri’s French Bulldog has a mass following on his own Instagram page.
  • Keri loves travelling, exploring and spreadsheets.

Tim Evans

Finance Administrator

Tim is a self-confessed Football Fanatic. When he isn’t buried in finances, Tim will either be watching, playing, or talking about Football.

Fun Facts

  • Tim went to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup match between England and France.
  • Tim volunteers as a coach for his local 5-A-Side Football Team.
  • He completed the 2017 Brighton Marathon in 4 hours 27 minutes.
Sarah Shrubb Sarah Shrubb

Sarah Shrubb

Executive Assistant

Sarah is based in Reading and provides PA and administrative support to help keep the team organised!

Fun Facts

  • Sarah is married and has 3 teenage daughters and a black lab.
  • Sarah met King Charles and shook his hand in the 1980’s – whilst Maypole dancing!
  • Sarah is a keen gardener and loves long walks in the countryside with her dog.

Board of Directors

Matthew Corbin

Corinne Seran

Will Golder

John Keenan

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