We take payment security very seriously and thought we would offer an overview of our processes and systems.


Your Data


All information sent between you and Race Nation / Sports Giving is securely encrypted using industry standard SSL. Data is then stored in our secure database with sensitive information (e.g. medical info) being further encrypted with a key that is unique to your user account. Access to this data is logged and reviewed as part of our security review process. Finally any data that is no longer required is securely deleted from our systems.


Our Servers


Our server provider has 24/7/365 physical security at their datacenters and all physical access is controlled via biometric security systems. Servers are firewalled to prevent unauthorised access and are regularly updated to ensure they are running the latest versions of all software. Servers are backed up nightly with our databases being backed up to a secure off site location in real time.


Your Billing Information


Race Nation / Sports Giving do not store your credit card information at any time. Instead, our payment provider issues us with a single use token for all payments to ensure that you can transact with maximum peace of mind. Our payment provider is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available by the payment card industry.


Security Processes


All our staff are trained in information security and strict controls exist to ensure that data is only accessed by authorised staff. We routinely review and test our own security to ensure we remain compliant with industry best practices.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.