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RaceNation’s FREE Event Day App empowers Organisers and all Event Attendees to take organising, managing and participating in events to a whole new level.

Coming FREE as standard to Organisers using our platform, the app hosts interactive event maps, live location sharing, in-built messaging and more.

Event Crew LOVE:

Unlimited Customisation

Customise each user experience type with with access levels, permissions and more.

Checkpoint Scanning

Scan/register entrants on arrival for check-in and monitor their progress throughout the event.

Instant Access

Easily access entrant data including medical and emergency contact information.

Push Notifications

Broadcast messages to all event attendees with push notifications sent directly via the app.

Participants LOVE:

Event Info Hub

All the information you need for event day in one easy-to-access place.

Secure Contact

Create a secure, sharable friend code to share your location, receive incoming messages through your headphones and more.

Integrated Results

Record your activity on Strava, instantly access your Official Results and more.

Enter Events

Search for and browse events near your location. View other races by the organiser and sign up.

Spectators LOVE:

Interactive Maps

Identify Spectator Hotspots, Toilets and more on Route & Event Village Maps.

Track Progress

Once your friend requests are accepted, you can track participants’ progress, send messages and more.


Maximise revenue streams with a digital storefront for merchandise and more.


List entrants for an event by name, view information and donate to their charitable causes.

Here’s what our clients say about us…

Jake Critchon – TMF Island Walk Jersey

“RaceNation’s technical innovation has improved our operating procedures and reduced our overheads”

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