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Racecheck is a “freemium” service that helps you secure and manage authentic reviews of your races. Used by over 1,250+ world-class event professionals globally, Racecheck’s industry-specific design makes its review platform a standout choice for organisers of mass participation sports events. Unlike other review platforms, Racecheck only accepts reviews from entrants who participated in your event. 

Now fully integrated within your RaceNation event registration platform, you can leverage these credible and authentic stories from real experiences to inspire your future entrants – and then measure the positive influence reviews have on their sales.

Keen to find out more about why you should take behavioural science into your user journey?

Here are 3 reasons why you should enable this latest integration:

It’s PROVEN to increase Event Registrations (by over 22%)

Race reviews are already known to be one of the most powerful influence and persuasion principles in our industry for leveraging conversions; with Racecheck reporting to have already seen organisers increase sales by over 22%. By incorporating social proof directly into the event registration journey, you now have the opportunity to further stimulate conversions and minimize instances of shopping cart abandonment.

Simply populate your Racecheck Widget on your Event Checkout Pages to showcase your event’s Average Racecheck Score and, exclusively to Racecheck’s Premium users, a selection of your Recent Reviews.

Displaying these insights at the point of sale enables your prospective customers to make decisions based on information they trust, ultimately increasing the likelihood that they will have a satisfactory experience (and subsequently write a glowing review). This also maintains traffic to your page – reducing the likelihood of a visitor opening up a new page to check out reviews and becoming distracted.

Better yet, you can measure the positive influence that reviews have on your sales by installing tracking code throughout your Event Registration journey.

It enables you to manage everything in one, easy-to-access place

Whether you actively encourage people to review your races or not, it’s highly likely that entrants are reviewing your events on Google, social media or other third-party platforms.

A recent survey from Racecheck found that 90% of respondents said they read reviews when entering events, and for 73% of the group, the information gained from reviews will influence which races they enter.

By taking control, you can host the conversation in one primary location, enabling you to leverage their benefits and control the narrative surrounding your brand. This is an important consideration with regard to your Search Engine Relevancy because reviews contain relevant keywords that can help align your website with specific search terms. By having more reviews associated with your race, your website can benefit from a wider range of search terms. Additionally, your star rating can appear as rich snippets next to your Google search listing which according to Google can increase click-through rates by more than 10%; rich snippets have been found to increase click-through rates by more than 20-30%.”

With the mass participation sports world’s leading review platform now fully integrated within your RaceNation dashboard, you can benefit from a more comprehensive and complete view of your performance data in one easy-to-access place. You can also seamlessly navigate from your dashboard to the full Racecheck experience to respond to reviews and more.

Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE FREE UPGRADE to Racecheck Premium

According to Racecheck, Premium users (on average) see a boost in sales of over 22% and an average ROI of over 30:1. As a RaceNation client, you’re invited to experience the full potential of this integration with an exclusive free upgrade to Racecheck Premium.

Premium benefits include:

✓Increased Sales Conversion Rates
✓ Improved SEO
✓ Premium widgets to display your star ratings and reviews on your website
✓ Gold stars in Google via review rich-snippets
✓ Full analytics reporting capabilities
✓ The ability to turn your user-generated content into social media posts in seconds.

… and more!

If you’re new to Racecheck Premium, sign up and enter the code “RCRACENATION1” by 30 June 2023.

(Or use Racecheck’s FREE Service)

Whether you are a free or premium Racecheck user, the integration with RaceNation is available and open for all organisers to benefit from.

If you don’t want to access all of the benefits that are on offer to you from Racecheck, you can still use their free service via the integration to claim your events and collect independent reviews.

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