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Event organisers have a difficult task on their hands. Communicating with hundreds of event participants is tough.

But, thanks to RaceNation’s free Event Day app, the job just got a lot easier. Whether you’re an event organiser, participant or spectator, you can send messages to your loved ones right when they need to hear from you.

Benefits of the Event Day app

The benefits of our Event Day app are extraordinary and make running events so much easier. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect.

Quickly scan entrants as they arrive

RaceNation’s scanning feature allows you to register entrants as they arrive for check-in. It also lets you monitor their progress during the event.

Provide participants with push notifications

The Event Day app also makes it easy to send updates, ensuring that everyone remains in the loop, whether you’re organising a challenge event, participating in one, or are cheering from the sidelines. With simple commands, you can send push notifications to all entrants taking part, without the need to rely on clunky third-party solutions. Communicating with participants has never been easier.

Access entrant data

RaceNation’s app also makes it easy to access entrant data, including information on their medical status. You can use the app to store emergency contact information, should you require it.

Compatible across platforms

If the RaceNation app only worked on one platform, it wouldn’t be much use. Fortunately, though, it is compatible with multiple operating systems and integrates with Google Maps, showing the precise location of participants. Event organisers can see how events are unfolding from their mobile devices and communicate live with guests. Helpful tools, such as geo-location, show doctors where participants are in case of a medical emergency.

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