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Event Organisers are achieving up to 20% more bookings by leveraging reviews as a marketing tool.

Building brand credibility and converting more bookings is exactly what the latest software partnership announced by industry titans RaceNation and Racecheck delivers. The integration between the two technologies empowers mass participation organisers to automatically source and display authentic and independent reviews and access their event analytics in one place. The integration is immediately available and of benefit to all organisers using RaceNation, regardless of whether they use Racecheck’s Free or Premium Service.

By connecting their RaceNation and Racecheck accounts, organisers benefit from a more comprehensive and complete view of their performance data in one easy-to-access place. They can then seamlessly navigate from their MyRaceNation dashboard to the full Racecheck experience to complete actions such as responding to reviews.

Organisers can also populate their Racecheck Widget on their Event Checkout Pages to showcase their event’s Average Racecheck Score and, exclusively to Racecheck’s Premium users, a selection of their Recent Reviews. Premium Users are reported to secure up to 20% more entries and achieve an average return on investment of 30:1 (according to Racecheck).

Displaying these insights at the point of sale enables prospective customers to make decisions based on information that they trust, which ultimately increases the likelihood that they will have a satisfactory experience (and subsequently write a glowing review). Thanks to this integration, organisers can now measure the positive influence that reviews have on their sales by installing tracking code throughout their Event Registration pages.

As innovators of industry-leading technology, it’s no surprise that RaceNation and Racecheck have already taken their partnership to the next level by solving the problem of sourcing reviews – which opens up the benefits of this integration to new and upcoming organisers.

Using RaceNation’s in-built communications suite, organisers can now automatically request reviews from their participants.  To increase both the volume and quality of the reviews sourced, organisers have the flexibility to customise all aspects of their communications – including the date and time – or can take guidance from RaceNation’s latest statistics which report the optimal send time to be in the evening of the event day.

The ability to automate review requests via SMS – an effective yet often underutilised communications tool in the mass participation space – is an exciting prospect on offer for RaceNation clients. Whether organisers use RaceNation’s Event Day App or their selected Timing Partner to manage participant progress throughout the event, Organisers can send an automated, custom message to finishers to request a review, acknowledge their result and more.

All in all, this integration significantly reduces the time and effort organisers need to invest in sourcing reviews and maximises the potential benefits on offer. Organisers are encouraged to enable this integration and start leveraging more conversions.

Whether you are a free or premium Racecheck user, the integration is open and available for all organisers to benefit from.

RaceNation clients are invited to experience the full potential of this integration with an exclusive free upgrade to Racecheck Premium.

If you’re new to Racecheck Premium, sign up and enter the code “RCRACENATION1” by 30 June 2023.

If you don’t want to access all of the benefits that are on offer to you from Racecheck, you can still use their free service via the integration to claim your events and collect independent reviews.

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