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This exciting new addition allows Event Organisers to easily set up a random lottery draw for entrants to secure a place in an event! The newly developed system is designed to cope with the surges of traffic that events experience when registrations open, as well as making event selection fairer for entrants.

So how does this all work in practice?

‘Event A’ frequently sees 10,000+ people attempting to register for which they can only accommodate 2,000 entries, so a ballot system offers an alternative to seeing a huge surge of traffic to the registration platform as soon as registration opens. Ballot entries allow for a much fairer way of selecting, at random, a set of registrants to be awarded a place in the event.

With restrictions cautiously and gradually lifting in the coming months, Event Organisers are looking to the exciting return of mass participation events. The ballot feature will allow organisers to cope with the increase in demand for tickets for UK events. Whilst it has been built with fairness in mind, the feature can not only distribute tickets completely at random, but it also allows Event Organisers to upload a custom list of entrants who should be marked as drawn, providing Event Organisers the possibility to do either or a combination of both.

In true RaceNation style, the new feature is integrated into the wider offering, meaning events can have multiple ballots listing multiple tickets in a swift and efficient process. Aspiring entrants will have a set time to register with their basic information and details for the ballot. When the round closes, duplicate and invalid registrations will be removed prior to the draw being made. Successful applicants will then be contacted before registration and payments are completed. 

Will Golder, our CEO said: “We are delighted to expand to the next phase of our development. As we look ahead to events returning, we still have to be mindful of ongoing regional restrictions that might impact capacities. We hope this new account ballot feature will support our Event Organisers and help them to cope with the surge in demand for events when they can safely return. This will be a valuable tool for all our users and the next phase in a pledge we made at the start of the pandemic to help and support the industry. We can’t wait to see everyone safely at start lines across the country again soon!”

This comes alongside multiple campaigns to support the rebuild of the event sector so badly hit by the pandemic.

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